1 - Peg out and approve position

At this stage, to identify the site, determining the levels of drilling, draw the initial shape of the swimming pool and get client approval, dig up the site and adjust the soil

2 - Blinding

After making good compaction for the ground of swimming pool we should Lay 800g Polythene sheet and 7 cm thick blinding

3 – Block Works

Swimming pool should be built by hollow block 8 inches size Block makes the process of formation of the body such As the swimming pool design preset

4 – Steeling

Provide and install the steel for the wall & floor of the pool 2 layer as drawings Defined by the best methods used in the work of reinforcing and which will ensure a better distribution of the internal pressure of the water on the sides and floor of the swimming pool

5- Reinforced gunite

Construct reinforced gunite or concrete 200 mm thick as per drawing to wall using a 1 : 4 mix (1 part by weight of cement and 4 parts by weight of 3/16 crushed aggregate) Today, using shotcrete (shooting concrete), the same technology that is used for tunnels and domes,we're able to construct to read more...

 6 – Plaster and coping stone

Apply 20-mm plaster to the interior surface of the pool to line and level using cement / sand With waterproofing bonding agent. We have developed the top edge of the pool to become of the granite or natural marble with a coarse texture

 7 – Waterproofing

Apply water proofing (cementation) to the inner side of the pool Germany high-quality and specifications materials , Is a mixture of powder and liquid Mix well and is used like a paint 3 layers of the interior surfaces of the swimming pool

8 – Tiling

Supply and fix mosaic tile to the floor & wall of the pool in waterproof adhesive and grout All chemicals used with the same brand to ensure compatibility

 9 – Finishing

After fixing pump room equipments and clean the pool instead of completion the project And fill up the pool with clean fresh water

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